Ultra Clear Epoxy

What is Ultra Clear Epoxy System?


Product Description:

  • Easy to obtain beautiful, glossy results whether you’re a professional or it’s your first time using epoxy.
  • High viscosity epoxy resin coating cures at room temperature.
  • Cures without bubbling.
  • Cures to 100% waterproof, clear, deep glass-like finish on Bar, Table, Counter Tops, Jewelry & Craft, Lamination, Art and Casting.
  • Resists Scratches, Stains, and Yellowing.


  • Application temperature: Apply only in temperatures between 25-27 °c. Warm conditions are critical for Mix ratio by Wight : 2  Part Resin to 1  Part Hardener
  • Flood coat application(s) : Pour on and spread with an epoxy Flood coats should be no thicker than 25 mm.
  • Working time: 40 minutes @ 25°c
  • Gel time: 60 minutes @ 25°c
  • Cure time: 10-12 hours @ 25°c
  • Product Color: Table Top Epoxy Resin (clear), Hardener (clear)
  • Cured Color: Clear

Handling Properties:

Resin Density at 25 g/mL 1.12 ASTM D1475
Hardener Density at 25 g/mL 0.88 ASTM D1475
Resin Viscosity at 25 cPs 3000 ASTM D2196
Hardener Viscosity at 25 cPs 50 ASTM D2196
Calculated Mix Ratio By Wight 2 Part A : 1 Part B
Calculated Mixed Viscosity at 25 cPs 1500 ASTM D2196
Gel Time at 25 , 150g mass Min. 60 ASTM D2471

Mixing and Handling:

Combine the epoxy resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B) at the specified mix ratio of 2 to 1 by weight mix for 3-5 minute until mixture is blended thoroughly. Take care when mixing not to entrain excessive air in the mixture. Always use clean, dry tools for mixing and applying. A few minutes after the coat is applied bubbles will rise to the surface. A propane torch held one inches above the surface of the epoxy resin may be used to break bubbles by slowly sweeping the torch back and forth over the surface until bubbles disappear.


Store at 15 – 32 °c in a dry place after use, tightly reseal all containers. Store products on a raised surface off the floor during cold weather and avoid storing near outside walls or doors.

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